Cider Australia

Cider Australia’s AGM kicks off today (17 May), preceding the 2018 Cider Industry Conference and CiderFest in Batlow, NSW – with the $500,000 plan to market Australian craft cider overseas the topic on everyone’s lips.

As Beer & Brewer reported in March, the Australian Government is investing $500,000 in the craft cider industry to build a brand proposition and marketing strategy aimed at boosting exports, as part of the $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package.

Given the Australian wine sector’s excellent international reputation – exporting 61 percent of its production – the Australian craft cider industry also has the potential to achieve growth through building export markets.

Leading the conversation to develop a brand proposition and shape a go-to-market strategy for Australian craft cider will be Cider Australia President, Sam Reid, and internationally experienced brand strategist, Guy Taylor, engaged by Wine Australia and Cider Australia to develop a strategy that can be leveraged by Australian cider producers.

“Thanks to the $50m Package, we have a great opportunity to build a strong brand proposition that’s unique to Australia and meaningful in chosen markets,” said Reid.

“The aim of the funding is to build a coherent brand proposition and go-to-market strategy that reflects the quality of ciders produced and marketed in Australia.

“Already our work with Wine Australia has given us access to data and learnings on cider markets around the globe.”

Insights from the Australian craft cider industry will be crucial in shaping this work. In the months preceding the AGM, Taylor has been reaching out to craft cider producers to get their ideas and opinions on the craft cider industry.

A further step in the $500,000 plan is to develop a ‘toolkit’ to assist producers in understanding prospective export markets and navigating the rules and complexities associated with exporting to those markets.

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