Burnley head brewer Michael Stanzel

Burnley Brewing is set to create 12 exclusive beer – brewed on-site – for its annual Oktoberfest celebrations.

All the beers will be brewed to the traditional recipes and in accordance with the German Purity Law, using imported ingredients.

The beers are being created for Burnley’s Bavarian bierfest, held from Friday 20 September to Sunday 13 October at its Bridge Road brewpub.

Burnley’s head brewer Michael Stanzel spent six years training to be a brewer in Germany, has created a range of beers that includes dunkels, weizen and rauchbiers.

“Even people who’ve never tried ‘craft beer’ love German styles because the refined brewing process produces clean, crisp beers that are seriously drinkable,” he explains. “People who want to have a stein with their mates will be welcomed in the same way as those who want to discover how beer has evolved over time. We want to recreate the infectious atmosphere of Oktoberfest in the best way we can.”

Stanzel and the team began brewing the beers in July to allow each the time needed to lager. Only one of the 12 beers – a 5.6% Helles pale lager – will be available off-site in limited edition cans and kegs.

Burnley Brewing’s full Oktoberfest tap list includes:

Helles (4.5%) pale lager
Marzen (5.6%) amber lager
Dunkles (5% ish) dark lager
Schwarzbier (5% ish) black lager
Rauchbier (5% ish) smoked malt lager
Weizen (5% ish) wheat beer
Dunkles Weizen (5% ish) dark wheat beer
Bockbier 2019 (7% ish) strong pale lager
Bockbier 2018 (7.2%) strong pale lager
Czech Pils (5% ish) hoppy pale lager
Kolsch (4.3%) lager with ale yeast
Cucumber Kolsch (4% ish)

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