When you see the words juicy and IPA on a can these days it’s generally a pretty safe guess in thinking it’ll be a hazy pour.

But this burnished gold to amber limited release possesses excellent clarity with a creamy all white head. The aromas are restrained but distinct with a citrus freshness and notes of ripe tropical fruit. Flavour follows aroma as this sneaks into the category of one of the easiest drinking 6% IPAs we’ve come across where a lager-like crispness steals the show. It’s aided by the finely-tuned interplay of juiciness from the hops and malts with a balanced resiny bitterness to wrap it all in a bow.

What Burleigh said about the release: Inspired by new adventures, we’re always dreaming of our next brew. We can’t help it, we were born this way. Lifted straight from the pages of our Brewers’ Notebook we invite you to enjoy our latest creation – released in a limited batch, because there are many more pages to bring to life. From our Brewers’ Notebook. This is your beer.

Our brewers have combined the juicy malts of full-bodied ales with a unique combination of hops to create this juicy, re-imagined IPA. Burleigh Hop Nectar is extremely aromatic, boasting big floral characters. The unique combination of hops produces characters of grapefruit, berry and mango and the underlying juicy malt combination evolves this beer to a place where bitterness shares the limelight more fairly with firm, bold juiciness, wrapped in a surprisingly light drinking experience – all with Burleigh’s trademark balance.

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