(l-r) Bright Chocolate’s Simeon Crawley, Bright brewer Ryan Tyack, Sixpence Coffee’s Luke Dudley and Bright Brewery owner Scott Brandon with some of the ingredients for Stubborn Russian 2015

Bright Brewery has launched its annual winter release Stubborn Russian a bold, luxurious Russian imperial stout, sure to keep you warm this winter.

With an alcohol content of 16 per cent and infused with locally-produced chocolate and coffee, Stubborn Russian 2015 has been described by brewer Ryan Tyack as “luxurious liquid rocket fuel”.

This year marks the fifth version of Bright Brewery’s Stubborn Russian, which is labelled as an ode to Russia’s pioneering cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. In 2013, Bright Brewery released a special 13.5% ABV whisky barrel aged edition and this year they’re taking it to the next level, crafting one of Australia’s strongest and most decadent brews.

Partnering with local artisan chocolate and coffee producers, Bright Brewery has showcased its home town when making Stubborn Russian 2015.

Stubborn Russian is a rich blend of dark malts, which have been infused with handmade Bright Chocolate and locally-roasted Sixpence Coffee during fermentation. A silky smooth beer with low carbonation, Stubborn Russian provides an immediate hit of rich dark chocolate, followed by bold coffee bitterness and ending with a mix of dark fruits. Warmth from the high alcohol content ensures a long lingering finish.

“It’s like a rich chocolate cake paired with a latte and a splash of vodka,” said marketing manager James Davidson.

Brewed at the start of April over two days, Stubborn Russian once again lived up to its name taking more time than it should to be ready. After three months in the tank, Stubborn Russian 2015 is now in kegs and is available on tap from Bright Brewery. Bottles will be available towards the end of July.

This month, Stubborn Russian 2015 will also be available on tap at The Local Taphouse in Melbourne and at The Scratch Bar in Brisbane for its Weekend of Darkness event.


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