Krakow is the equal cheapest destination for beer.

Krakow and Kiev are the cheapest cities in the world to buy beer, according to a recent survey, with both recording an average price of £1.07 a bottle.

Collated for GoEuro, research for the 2015 Beer Price Index combines data from 75 cities around the world, including the five most commonly imported beers as well as the main local beer.

It found the Polish and Ukrainian cities to be the cheapest places to buy a 330ml bottle of beer, with Slovakia’s capital city, Bratislava, coming in third at £1.09. Málaga (£1.11), Delhi (£1.13), Ho Chi Minh City (£1.15), Mexico City (£1.26), Belgrade (£1.27), Asunción (£1.28) and Bangkok (£1.36) rounded out the top 10 cheapest destinations.

Sadly, Sydney is the fourteenth most expensive city for beer coming in at 62 on the list of 75 cities with an average of £2.88 a bottle. The most expensive city was Geneva (£4.08), followed by Hong Kong (£3.97), Tel Aviv (£3.73), Oslo (£3.42), New York (£3.36), Singapore (£3.31), Miami (£3.31), Helsinki (£3.16), Tokyo (£3.08) and Abu Dhaba (£3.00).

The key changes from the 2014 beer prices list can be attributed to currency appreciations and devaluation. For instance, as a result of a dramatic change in the CHF exchange rate, Zurich and Geneva are now both among the 15 most expensive cities for beer, surpassing last year’s most expensive city, Olso. Similarly, US cities have become relatively more expensive since the US dollar appreciated against the euro.

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