One Australian father is prepared to make a great sacrifice to get his son a job: he will buy his new employer a case of beer for every week of the year.

Interviewed on ABC Radio Paul McVeigh said his son had been trying to get a job – handing out resumes and approaching companies – as an electrical apprentice.

The ad, handed out on flyers by father and son, reads: “Free beer, one year’s supply. Fifty cartons in exchange for electrical apprenticeship for my 19-year-old son. Local, hardworking, reliable, desperate, not a quitter. Legitimate offer, no BS.”

McVeigh’s 19-year-old son Nick had been living with his mother in Denmark before deciding to move to Australia for economic reasons – Denmark, like much of Europe, has fallen well behind Australia’s economy.

While there had been no serious offers since the initial interview, there have been reports that since its being aired the pair have been swamped with offers.

We say good luck to them… and wonder what kind of beer the chosen employer will chose to drink.

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