First released in 2018 for the Metricup brewery’s third birthday the big brother to their core range IPL remains a great representation of style despite tweaks to the recipe. The high level aromas and flavours of an IPA are in exquisite marriage with the fleet of foot crispness of a lager that gives the drinker a balanced, refined experience despite its hefty booze factor.

Pale gold and clear, there’s an immediate smack of zingy, sherbety citrus and heavy tropical fruit notes with delicate doughy malt and a clean fermentation profile. The high end aromas carry through on a velvety, textural body as the full flavoured aspects of an IPA dish up spicy marmalade, coconut fudge and assertive citrus bitterness before its spritzy fizz and crisp clean finish remind you this is equal parts lager.

Beerfarm’s core range IPL is a very refreshing, well rounded beer where all components work in unison – and the same can be said here as well.

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