The team at Bridge Road Brewing in Beechworth has announced that they will be throwing their annual Oktoberfest party for the tenth time in 2014, promising an event that’s as close as you’ll get to being in Munich “without forking out the dollars to fly to Europe”.

Brewery founders Ben and Maria have recently returned from a trip to Austraia and Germany, where they took the opportunity to stock up on authentic Oktoberfest outfits, and they’ve engaged the services of an OhmPah band for the event as well. Plus, of course, there’s the traditional Marzen, which will spend a few months quietly lagering for big event.

The Beechworth Oktoberfest will be held at Bridge Road Brewers, off Ford St, behind Tanswells Hotel, rear access from High st. It will be held between 11am and 7pm on Sat 11th and Sun 12th of October. Tickets will sell out as they did last year. Please purchase your tickets before booking accommodation. All tickets recieve a beer stein half litre or full litre, a food voucher, plus a beer voucher for your first fill.

For more info, head to the Bridge Road website.

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