The slated tax reforms for microbreweries are now a reality, with the Australian government registering and backdating the changes to July 1st this year.

Members of the Australian Real Craft Breweries Association (ARCBA), such as Two Metre Tall Brewing Co and The Little Brewing Co have been actively working with the government to affect this change alongside federal parliamentary members Senator Christine Milne and MP Rob Oakeshott.

“We greatly appreciate the Government recognising the need for change and the contribution craft breweries make to the Australian community in job creation, support of local producers, and the value they add to local tourism,” said David Hollyoak, ARCBA Chairman and owner of Redoak.

According to ARCBA there will be a few weeks before the ATO website reflects the changes, however the ATO will be writing to beer excise payers once the registration is complete.

Additionally, the changes are only open to microbreweries that are legally and economically independent of another brewery, regardless of their production capacity.

“The Government is sending a clear message that it wishes to stimulate growth in the craft beer sector and to encourage and support independent breweries across the country,” said David Hollyoak.

The changes will see an increase in the maximum rebate available, from $10,000 to $30,000, and the removal of the 30,000 litre production cap, paving the way for microbrewery expansion.

ARCBA has also stated that they will continue to work with Government to introduce changes to the rebate scheme in favour of small breweries.

Details can be found here: or here

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