Beer and Rock’n’Roll have always had a love affair – a bit like the proverbial horse and carriage you can’t really have one without the other. And now, new Sydney-based brewery, Young Henrys, is bring ing the two together in an even closer relationship. It’s an appropriate amalgamation given that brewers Richard and Oscar are a former musician with Hugh Wilson’s Blue Phoenix and leader singer of the Hell City Glamours respectively.

As such they have turned to two of their favourite local musos to help them produce produce unique beers that reflect the artist’s musical personalities:

Young Henrys & Peter Fenton (Crow): Black N More

Young Henrys & Front End Loader: Fresh Six

Black En More (Dark Spiced Lager 5.5%)

Crow’s evocative and influential music is widely acknowledged as leaving an indelible mark upon the Australian musical landscape with their breathtaking, shambolic performances, and lead singer Fenton has also launched a successful solo career.

“My thinking was that the beer should represent not only my personal history with the area of Newtown/Enmore but the broader historical threads and epochs as well,” says Fenton. “I was after an ‘after dark’ brew that blended the shining black tar of King Street, with a hint of smoke from the nearby rail line.”

Adamson has only praise for his brewing partner, saying that Femton’s fingerprints are all over the brew, as he made the process his own. “Having Peter in the brewery was an absolute pleasure,” he says. “Early indications of the beer’s progress point to breathtaking rather than shambolic. Fingers crossed!”

The beer: “A moody dark lager made with smoky peat malt, chocolate rye and chocolate wheat malts. This beer features native Australian nutty roasted wattle seed, and raisin savory notes from akudjura berries. Smooth, dark chocolate and spice with a hint of smoke.”

Fresh Six (Agave Rye pale Ale 6.66%)

Self described as Australia’s least popular, relatively well known band, the ARIA award winning Front End Loader are a powerhouse of loud guitars, post modern irony and tequila shots.

“Historically our favourite beer has always been free beer, but all that is about to change. This collaboration with Richard and Young Henry’s represents the pinnacle of two decades of hard slog and artistic endeavour – having our own beer is a dream come true, a career high, and a personal best.”

Says Richard Adamson “I still can’t believe this is happening. The whole band is coming down of the brew day. Let’s hope we all survive the experience!”

The beer: “Clocking in at an evil 6.66%, this cheeky, balls to the wall pale ale combines the dry spicy flavour of rye with the sucker punch of dark agave syrup.”

Peter Fenton will be launching Black en More with an exclusive, intimate show on Saturday the 23rd of June at 1pm. He’ll be joined by David Lane on Piano and Jason Walker on the pedal steel. Tickets are $40 and strictly limited. The price of admission includes a generous tasting of the beer and a special Black Star beef brisket and Black en More pie. Tickets can only be bought here

Front End Loader will be launching Fresh Six exclusively at the Annandale

Hotel’s 12th Birthday Bash on the evening of Saturday the 14th of July. It’s a special night – it’s Front End Loader’s 20th birthday. It’s the launch of the best beer this side of free beer.

After each launch, the beers will be available in growlers from the brewery cellar door and on tap at selected bars and pubs. Check Young Henrys on Twitter and Facebook for more info.

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