In a sneaky move The Perfect Lager Project has launched its brand new beers through Facebook a few days ahead of the official press launch on June 14.
A post on their page, dated June 7, simply says:
“Well, it’s official. ARVO has arrived. This is the culmination of your
Perfect Lager Project moments, and the expertise of our Master Brewers.
But your job isn’t over yet, it’s just beginning. It’s time to choose a
side. Are you ARVO 34 or ARVO 51?
So what are Arvo 34 and Arvo 51? Well, according to the labels the numbers refer to the different batches produced in the quest for the ‘perfect lager’. And what’s the difference? Well according to the launch video, Arvo 34 is the “more relaxed and balanced of the two” while Arvo 51 is “slightly paler but with more bite”.
And sticking with their ‘crowd-brewed beer’ theme the voting has begun as to which of the batches will last as they “can only keep one”. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the current obsession with IPAs and all their permutations, Arvo 51 is leading the charge with 57% of the vote (at the time of publication). Please note we are basing our assumption that it is the hoppier of the two on this answer to an enquiry on Facebook: “hops used in brew 51 include Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand, Galaxy from Australia and Cascade from the USA” as well as the above comment about “bite”.

*EDIT: After tasting the beers we can report that 51 is a smoother, more sessionable brew, while 34 is a more bitter and slightly stronger flavoured beer. It was also very difficult to vote as both were excellent!

And the curious drinkers out there won’t even have to worry about having to stump up for two six-packs or even two cases in order to make their decision. The folks at The Perfect Lager Project have make each one a 50-50 split – that’s either three or 12 of each – so deciding couldn’t be easier… they’re even colour-coded to avoid possible confusion if you do end up drinking the whole 24 in one go before casting your vote (possibly not a recommended solo endeavor).
The team at Arvo were contacted for comment but graciously declined due to being tremendously busy with the official launch so close. We will keep you posted with more in the coming days.
To find a stockist of the brew or and to vote in the poll head to

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