(l-r) Australian Brewery’s Neal Cameron, Beer & Brewer’s Annette Shailer and Behemoth’s Andrew Childs on brew day


The Australian Brewery, New Zealand’s Behemoth Brewing and Beer & Brewer have combined their experience and passion for craft to produce a collaborative brew.

The Australian Brewery in Rouse Hill hosted the brew day on Tuesday, where head brewer Neal Cameron, Behemoth’s Andrew Childs and the team at Beer & Brewer came together to craft, Tripel Threat.

The Belgian-style tripel IPA is packed full of a trifecta of Australian, New Zealand and American hops balanced by mainly Australian Pilsner malt and candy sugar.

“The candy sugar makes it lighter and gives it a nice Belgian character, as it’s a 9.5 per cent ABV beer it makes it lighter and easier to drink. This will be deceptively easy to drink,” explained Childs.

“We’ve got a mixture of New Zealand, Australian and American hops going in making it more bitter than a usual tripel and it’s got more hop character so it’s a tripel IPA. So it’s the best parts of a Belgian tripel, with the hoppy characters of an IPA.”

Tripel Threat will be out in May and will be poured at the Beer & Brewer and Australian Brewery stands at the GABS Beer Cider Food Fest.

Check out the time lapse video of the brew day below.


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