4th of July, marks 4 Pines, 4th Keller Door Release for 2012, with 4 distinctly U.S. beers in the series…. Sounds like a theme!

But rather than give in to the temptation of creating four variations on the wildly hopped brews the Yanks are famous for, the brewers have created four very different brews to illustrate the scope of the beer market…

RyePA(6.2% ABV 49 IBUs) is an unfiltered ale with a “resinous, fruity hop character” and “a rye grainy palate”.

California Common (4.3% ABV 38 IBUs) is a light fruity lager with “firm maltiness” and “toasty caramel flavours”.

Independence Brown Ale (4.5% ABV 40 IBUs) is a dark ale with “a citrus and grapefruit character” and “chocolate overtones”.

And finally, of course, the Double IPA (9.0% ABV 69 IBUs) is a monster brew that has been extensively hopped with Crystal and Warrior, and has a “full-bodied malt sweetness” and a “well-rounded bitter finish”.

But this year the brews won’t just be on tap at the 4 Pines venue in Manly, all of these beers will available for most beer lovers around the country to try at a handful of select venues.


Fredas, Chippendale

Station Bar, Katoomba

The Local Taphouse, Darlinghurst

The Prince of Wales, Newcastle

Union Hotel, Newtown


Beer Deluxe, Melbourne

De Ja Vu, Melbourne

Station Hotel, Footscray

The Local Taphouse, St Kilda


Archive Bar, West End

Bitter Suite,New Farm

The Scratch Bar,Milton


Clancy’s Freo, Fremantle

The Norfolk Hotel, Fremantle

All beers available from July 4. Some venues will have all 4 on at once, others will have the kegs stacked up behind each other. Get in touch with each venue to see what their plans are.

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