Nine months spent in Europe prior to the world shutting down has inspired Young Henrys brewer Neal Lucas to create something that can transport the drinker to currently unreachable places.

Lucas’ Dark Blueberry Sour is his first contribution to the Newtown brewery and distillery’s Brewers B-Side releases and it’s the first in the series to be made available in a can. The limited edition sour is available now in select bottle shops and at the Young Henrys Tasting Bar and their online store.

“This is something very rarely seen on Australian shores and it can definitely transport people to a place they currently can’t go,” Lucas said.

“I was lucky enough to return in February this year after nine months travelling in Europe and this sour is heavily influenced by the Belgian Oud Bruin.

“It has a similar specialty malt bill but then it’s kettle soured with about 50kg of blueberries and some blueberry essence.

“I wanted it to find that balance between extreme drinkability and being a bit more complex at the same time.”

Young Henrys’ Brewers B-Side releases represent the avant garde arm of their brewing talents and we’ve previously seen the likes of a Coral Sour, a Tiramisu White Stout, a Brut IPA and the Rumming with the Devil Rum and Raisin Brown Ale.

“The Brewers B-Sides are where we get to have a bit of fun and push the boundaries out,” Neal said.

“For me, I wanted to push away from your normal kettle sour and place an emphasis on the darker malts for layered complexity and aroma.

“I’m pretty stoked mine is the first to make it in a can too.”

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