The Vino Paradiso Tastemakers (clockwise from top left); Ian Rayner, Slava Limacher, Oscar McMahon, Darren Robertson, Sarah Limacher, Grant Collins (seated), Peter Windrim (seated), Tom Egan (seated)

Inaugural wine and food festivalVino Paradiso has announced that Oscar McMahon fromYoung Henrys has joined a team of innovative and contemporary influencers as a ‘Tastemaker’ at the event.

Vino Paradiso is a three-day festival taking place at the Australian Technology Park, from Friday 31 October to 2 November. The event will provide a great opportunity for Australian wine and food enthusiasts to enjoy, interact and engage with Australia’s best wine, food, craft beer, cider and spirit influencers and producers.

McMahon will come on board as the Vino Paradiso Beer Tastemaker and as part of his role he will host a series of beer masterclasses at the festival.

McMahon will join a series of other young, dynamic and influential food and drinks authorities including; Vino Paradiso Culinary Tastemaker Darren Robertson, Vino Paradiso Cider Tastemaker Ian Rayner who is head brewer from Western Australia’s biodynamic cider company Custard & Co., Vino Paradiso Biodynamic Wine Tastemaker Peter Windrim who is the savvy, young winemaker at Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard; Vino Paradiso Cocktail Tastemaker Grant Collins; Vino Paradiso Wine Sommelier Tastemaker Sarah Limacher from The Keystone Group; Vino Paradiso Sake Tastemaker Slava Beliakova; and Vino Paradiso International Wine Tastemaker Tom Egan who is the winemaker at Jed’s Wines and Wine Importer at Porteño restaurant in Sydney.

At Vino Paradiso, guests have the opportunity to participate in the Vino Paradiso Masters program, a series of progressive masterclasses hosted by the Vino Paradiso Tastemakers as well as the opportunity to taste wine, food, craft beer, cider, spirits and cocktails onsite in a design-savvy, lounge bar-like environment. Consumers will also be able to purchase product and produce to take home.

Vino Paradiso will be held at the Australian Technology Park and the entire event aims to bring the outdoor festival, indoors in a fun, interactive, stylish, music and art fuelled context. From a treasure hunt and wall of wine to grape crushing, the event is sure to be fun, entertaining and delicious.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchasedhere.

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