Sam contacted us recently with a request to help him get a start in the brewing industry so he can work in an industry he is passionate about… even it it means starting right at the bottom.

We caught up with Sam to ask a few questions…

Why do you want to get into brewing?

I am a current home brewer with a passion for good beer (yes I know it sounds clichéd). After working in the IT industry for the last 15 odd years, I have come torealizethat, while I can do the work, it’s not what I am passionate about. So I figured it’s about time I did something about it, and to me it seems like the best job to have is the one your passionate about.

What inspired you to contact Beer & Brewer?

After reaching thedecisionthat I wanted toperusebrewing as a full time occupation, my next task was to work out how to make thetransition. Having read Beer & Brewer for some time, you seemed to have contacts across the broader craft beer industry, as well as being in contact with home brewers. Add to that the coverage of WA brewers (sometimes we get forgotten over here…), it simply seemed like the logical place to go.

What is your beer history?

From a drinking point of view, I started out like I’m sure many do: drinking the same cans that my father did. During my time at university, drinking beer became a far more regular occurrence (shall we say) and it was during this time that someone turned me onto Little Creatures Pale Ale. And I’ve never looked back.
As far as brewing goes, I started out brewing with kits. All I will say about that effort was that I technically produced beer. After that I moved onto partial mashes, which was when I think the bug really struck. I was finally producing beer that not only my mates were happy to drink, and the end result was starting to match my expectations.
I am currently brewing all grain on my home made three vessel breweries, with my most recent batch, ironically, being a Little Creatures Pale Ale clone.

What would you be willing to do for a job?

Pretty much anything to get my foot in the door. If that meant washing kegs, shoveling spent grain, and mopping floors, so be it. I’m happy to work hard and not afraid of hard work. I am simply appreciative of any opportunity I am given.

So if you think you have a spot for this motivated chap on your team drop us a lie at and we’ll put you in touch…

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