Feral Brewing Company’s Brendan Varis at last year’s Craft Beer Awards collecting the top gong for Watermelon Warhead


There’s a big deployment on its way from the Swan Valley in WA next week, as Feral Brewing Co. drops its award-winning Watermelon Warhead Berliner weisse at bars across the country for the first time.

While the beer has made it onto taps previously, this will be its first large-scale release since it was first brewed in 2012, with kegs going out to more than 40 venues across Australia from 22 February.

It marks the beginning of Watermelon Warhead’s year-round place on the Feral roster, with draught beer now available on an ongoing basis.

First created for GABS in 2012, the watermelon powered, barrel aged sour has gained a cult following across Australia, thanks to both its sweet yet sour flavour profile and easy-drinking ABV of 2.9% – not to mention its childhood flashback to the 90s lolly of the same name.

Based on the German Berliner-weisse style, Watermelon Warhead is aged in chardonnay barrels from local Swan Valley wineries for 12 weeks, than blended with Swan Valley watermelons to create the light and crisp taste its fans love.

On its first outing at GABS 2012, Watermelon Warhead picked up the gong for the GABS People’s Choice Award, and it has continued its winning ways ever since.

Most recently, the sour was named Champion Australian Craft Beer at CBIA’s Craft Beer Awards last October.

According to Feral brewer Will Irving, hoppy beers have led the conversation for the last five years but Australians are now embracing sours.

“It’s a natural progression for people to want to move on and discover new flavours. Hoppy beers and pales have a place on every tap line up, but this is like the next step for people, especially with Warhead being such an approachable sour,” he said.

Having the beer available year-round is the goal for the Feral team during 2016.

“We’ll get it out as wide as we can, as soon as we can,” Irving said.

“We brew what we love, and brew what we love to drink. And it seems there are plenty of people who love Watermelon Warhead.”

Watermelon Warhead will be available in venues in each state except Northern Territory from 22 February. Venues will be updated via Feral’s social media accounts.

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