It seems that the CUB campaign to promote the “return to full strength” of Victoria Bitter has pulled in a win for the company despite overall losses for parent company Foster’s.

According to General Manager of Victoria Bitter Richard Opp, recent figures for the brand are promising, proving drinkers right all along: no should have messed with the formula.

“It’s no surprise that Vic Bitter has been in decline for a decade – while this turnaround is heartening; the decision to return the brew to the original formula was about the focus on our core brands,” he says.

The figures in question show that VB volumes grew by 1.9 per cent for the quarter, the first quarter of growth in more than 10 years and a 15 per cent turnaround.

Oppy went on to comment that by improving their brewing processes across the board – namely reducing exposure to oxygen – CUB had been able to remove preservatives from their brews, including VB.

The full SABMiller trade statement can be read here:

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