In what one can assume is an attempt to get back on top of the ratings for Australia’s Favourite Beer, VB is now being brewed to its original recipe.

In a statement put out of Friday, CUB announced it was VB day with stubbies, kegs and cans of the revitalised 4.9 per cent brew being rolled out across the country.

The revamp comes in the wake of the company admitting that it had got it wrong with the decision to change the recipe.

For close to a century, VB was brewed to the same recipe before a tweak in 2007 reduced the alcohol volume to 4.8 per cent, causing consternation among drinkers around the country. A further change in 2009 reduced the ABV again, this time to 4.6 per cent.

According to Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) General Manager of Victoria Bitter, Richard Oppy, publicans and retailers had inundated CUB with requests for stocks of the new brew since the change was announced back in September.

“The response to news of the brew returning to full flavour and full strength has meant we’ve pulled forward the rollout of the 4.9% brew a week earlier than planned,” he says. “Drinkers should look out for the unmistakable iconic packaging and ask for the big cold beer.”

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