Thunder Road Brewing Co’s CEO, Phil Withers has announced the chosen brewer that will take part in their Inaugural Summer Brewer’s Invitational in February this year.

The lucky brewer is Jason Oliver, Brewmaster of Devils Backbone Brewing Co, who was chosen from a competitive field to work with Thunder Road’s Senior Brewer Marcus Cox.

DB Brewing Co is based in Virginia in the US and has been the recipient of a slew of awards during its short history. The brewery opened its Basecamp Brewpub in 2008 at the foot of
Wintergreen Mountain in Nelson County and its production facility
the Outpost in 2012in Lexington, Virginia. In the last four years alone, the brewery has accumulated seventeen Great American Beer Festival medals and five World
Beer Cup awards, as well as the 2010 World Beer Cup Champion
Brewery and Small Brewpub trophies, and Small Brewpub and Small
Brew Pub Brewer of the year at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival. Oliver himself has 16years of brewing
experience and holds an international accreditation in brewing science.

Oliver impressed the selection panel with the DB brewery’s philosophy – which is similar to the Australian brewery’s own.

“My brewing philosophy is one of traditional expansiveness,” he says. “I
take inspiration from traditional and contemporary methods and
techniques then expand upon them. I like to say I’m inspired by
tradition… not handcuffed toit.”

During his assignment Oliver will lead at least 10 collaboration beer developments between Thunder
Road and Devils Backbone that will be marketed in both countries under
the name Devils Thunder.

And to further celebrate the collaboration, a special
beer will be brewed to raise funds to aid research for the Institute for
Glycomics at Griffith University in Australia – their program includes the design of drugs and vaccines to control a range of medical
conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and immune disorders – and The Chesapeake Bay
Foundation in theU.S.A – the foundation seeks to improve the water quality and heath of the river system surrounding this US national treasure.

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