First produced in 1968, Thomas Hardy’s Ale was barley wine produced in limited annual vintages that quickly became an icon among beers, it became an icon due its sudden disappearance, but now a nostalgic company is set to bring it back.

Created in 1968 the beer was brewed as a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the death of famed writer Thomas Hardy. Based on his description of a Strong Dorchester Beer in his tale The Trumpet Major. With the brew described as “the most beautiful colour an artist could possibly desire, as bright as an autumn sunset” the Eldridge Pope Brewery decided to try and create it. Aged in wood and sold in numbered bottles it soon became famous, inspiring collectors and those looking to hold vertical tastings.

However, the expense of manufacturing it meant that in 1999 the last batch was brewed by Eldridge Pope. And in 2003, the O’Hanlon Brewery had a crack but again, after six years the expense was too much a production ceased.

But now, Brew Invest is set to recreate the beer, complete with all its Englishness despite the Italian origin of the beer fans set to take on its reincarnation.

With no word yet on the availability or even a release date for this latest incarnation of the classic brew, beer fans wont be holding their breath quite yet. Stay tuned for more.

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