29 March 2011

Thirsty Camel Bottleshops has launched a new brand advertising campaign mischievously encouraging the public to take part in a little casual ‘HUMPing’.

The cheeky campaign features ‘HUMP’ stickers sneakily posted over city street signs, directing people to ‘express HUMP’ and ‘casual HUMP’, with the challenge to ‘Think Camel’.

The Think Camel brand campaign, developed by Twenty20 Communications, comprises of television and outdoor advertising, with integration across print, online and social media, and will run throughout Victoria and Tasmania during March and April.

“Think Camel is another example of Thirsty Camel irreverent approach to liquor marketing and is sure to attract attention.”

“The campaign’s HUMP creative is acheeky play on the camel’s hump and we can really have some fun executing it.”

“It’s been a few years since our successful launch so the ‘Think Camel’ campaign provides a great opportunity to refresh our brand and reconnect with our customers.”

The campaign is supported by a range of media, so keep an eye out for casual HUMPing or an express HUMP happening near you soon.

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