Staves Brewery has started pumping out its first beers


After operating as a craft beer bar for almost a year, Staves Brewery in Sydney’s inner west suburb of Glebe has started brewing its own beers.

The small brewery (500L) is owned and founded by Steve Drissell, with beer brewed by Liam Jackson who recently returned to Australia from R&B Brewing in Vancouver.

“We’ve been operating as a craft bar and beer garden for almost a year and tapped Staves’ first five beers last month,” Drissell told Beer & Brewer.

“Liam has brewed eight different beers in the first few weeks, including a cracking IPA and Oatmeal Stout, as well as a trio of Belgians using an Ardennes yeast, the latest of which is a Black Belgian Double IPA still fermenting at around 9 per cent ABV.

“We’re also currently brewing our first batch of cask [real] ale to be launched during our Sydney Craft Beer Week event, ‘Firkin Dry Hops’.”

All of the beers are currently on tap at the brewery, which has also started selling wholesale kegs to craft loving local bars. Growler fills will be coming soon too.

“We just want to brew, drink, learn about and enjoy great beer, whilst sharing our passion and paying the bills. We’re a pretty laid back bunch but serious about beer,” Drissell said.

Staves Brewery has a full bar licence, so also sells wine, cider and spirits. When it comes to food, the brewery encourages people to have their favourite takeaway delivered to the bar until they get their kitchen off the ground next year.

Staves Brewery

4-8 Grose St, Glebe NSW 2037

(02) 9280 4555


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