Stone & Woodhas launched a Mixed Six Ale Pack shaped like a vintage Esky cooler just in time for summer.

The variety pack includes; 2 x Pacific Ale, 2 x Jasper Ale, 1 x Garden Ale (limited release) and 1 x Cloud Catcher (limited release).

Stone & Wood has brought back commemorative beer Cloud Catcher, which was crafted to celebrate the opening of its second brewery up in Murwillumbah earlier this year. Due to the positive feedback and numerous requests for the limited release, the Stone & Wood team decided to bring Cloud Catcher back for the variety pack.

Cloud Catcher features an updated label with the Murwillumbah brewery’s backdrop Wollumbin, indigenous for Cloud Catcher, whichreflects the aromatic elements and style of beer. Some additional bottles have been put these into cases and these will be popping up in bottleshops over the coming weeks and on tap in a few places locally.

The other limited release, Garden Ale is available on tap around the brewery’s local area year round and will be out nationally as the sessionable seasonal release early next year for summer.

For a full list of where to buy the Stone & Wood Mixed Six Ale Pack, click here.

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