Not sure what to get the pampered pooch for Christmas? Why beer of course.

Now before you call the RSPCA and start preaching about how dogs are hard enough to discipline without getting them drunk,Snuffle Dog Beer does not actually contain any alcohol.

The Snuffle range doesn’t taste of old socks but either chicken or a mixed beef-chicken brew that’s sure to make your hairiest best mate yelp with delight. A turkey flavour is on the way, with more to follow.

Brewed in Belgium, Snuffle Dog Beer is now available in more than 25 countries, although sadly it has not hit our shores yet. The beer can be enjoyed by your pet as often as you enjoy a beer yourself, and is brewed with beef or chicken stock, malt barley extracts and mineral oils.

Snuffle Dog Beer comes in a glass 25cl bottle and 4-pack. For further information, clickhere.

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