More and more people are choosing healthy options these days, and we are too. So we’re not surprised that alcohol-free beer is the fastest growing category in beer today. We tried every non-alc we could get our hands on, and while there’s plenty of decent “clean and crisp” options, we saw plenty of room for a big, full-flavoured “proper craft beer” in the non-alc space. Turns out that’s not so easy to do! 

After months of trials and some innovative new systems in the brewery, we’ve come up with something we’re extremely proud of. Easily the toughest challenge we’ve faced so far as brewers, Spacer is that big, satisfying, non-alcoholic hop-bomb we’ve been waiting for.

Whether you’re spacing out your full-strength beers or making some space in your life for an alcohol-free day, there’s one thing an alcohol-free beer needs to deliver: real beer flavours and aromas. Spacer cuts no corners on ingredients or process. It’s a naturally brewed craft beer with real malts, real hops, and less than 0.5% alcohol.

Little Bang Brewing Company

25 Henry Street,

Stepney SA

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