In the face of less than positive global beer sales – despite the craft beer movement gaining ground – the Queensland-based Hard Iced Tea Brewing Company is aiming to meet the growing needs of sophisticated consumer palates with the release of their brand new, world-first beverage range: Hard Iced Tea.

Unlike tea-flavoured beers available elsewhere, this new, patented beverage is made from, well, tea.

The unique manufacturing process of Hard Iced Tea results in a refreshing experience that has the same characteristics as beer. Only it comes without the high levels of carbohydrates, sugars and gluten present in grain-based drinks. And, as an added bonus, it still retains the antioxidant qualities that tea is famous for.

For an increasingly health conscious audience, Hard Iced Tea aims to be a sustainable alternative that appeals to a wider consumer audience – including the 75 per cent of women who currently do not drink beer. In fact, publicans will be surprised by the return on investment figures for Hard Iced Tea – when compared ‘head to head’ they’re much higher than beer.

There has been an overwhelming response to Hard Iced Tea, following its soft roll out from their home base at Mt. Tamborine Brewery, with the drink already gaining a 5% – 10% capture of the beer market share.

With very little introduction to the marketplace and a global beer market worth USD$525 Billion, it’s little wonder that the brewers are now fielding interest from companies such as the Australian-based Coca-Cola Amatil, along with the Woolworths Liquor Group.

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