It’s been a big six months for Chris, Adam and the rest of the team behind Six String Brewing on the NSW central coast. In that short time, they’ve kicked a number of exciting goals – and brewed some lovely beers as well.

Six String recently picked up three bronze medals at the Royal Sydney Beer & Cider Show, for their Golden Ale, Hefeweizen and Dark Red IPA. On top of that, the team tells us they’ve been busy with their seasonal brews – the Rye IPA and Oktoberfest Marzen are all-but sold out, and there are plans on the table to get started on a Saison.

If you’re keen to sample the wares from Six String, you’ll have ample opportunity at the upcoming Fat as Butter music festival, slated to take place in Newcastle on 26 October 2013. Six String has landed an exclusive contract to supply beer to the festival, which they tell us is a first for craft beer in Australia.

For more info, head along to the Six String Brewing Co website.

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