ZYTHOWHITE STOUT LIMITED EDITION 375ML: Who doesn’t love the intoxicating concept of a limited-edition? It means you have to be quick. The Zytho Brewing team have gone full Bear Grills with their adventurous spirit and produced a white stout. A what? You say. Well, sometimes things are not that black and white and in this case certainly black. While stout has come to mean very dark it is not the original meaning of the word. Stout means strong and true. So here is a very white, full bodied, very strong tasting beer. It is super hoppy and intense and going to disappear off shelves fast.

TASTING NOTE: White stout is for the seeker of new tastes. Enjoy its creamy complexity, full-bodied texture, deep and spicy hop flavours, intense bitterness on the finish with notes of coffee and vanilla. 

Instagram page: zythobrewing

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