Coopers are reporting sales volumes for its Stout are approaching the historic highs of the 1950s as they look to attract even more buyers through the Winter months by releasing it in cans.

Coopers said it sold 3.7 million litres of its 6.3% Stout in 2020, a rise of 10 per cent on 2019 despite a pandemic-led drop in keg sales. The South Australian brewery are yet to release the rest of their 2020 sales figures.

“While our Stout has been in constant production since 1879, sales hit their peak in the 1950s when we were selling over four million litres annually,” Coopers managing director Dr Tim Cooper said.

“Demand for Stout declined after 1975, with sales dipping to below two million litres in the early 1990s. However, we’re now back in the midst of a Stout revival and the popularity of beer in cans is rising markedly.”

While it will still be available in bottles and on tap, Coopers Best Extra Stout will be released in June in a 440ml matte black can in four packs and in cartons.

Mild Ale in 2004 was the first time Coopers put their beer in a can but in recent years they’ve made a considerable shift towards the packaging format as it showed it was helping to drive profit.

“It’s the perfect time for an eye-catching addition to our growing can portfolio,” Dr Cooper added. “We expect the new can will build on the resurgence of Stout and edge us even closer to four million litres of sales for the first time in 70 years.”

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