Lion has pledged to use 100% renewable electricity to brew all of its beers by 2025.

The brewer recently announced its intention to become Australia’s first major carbon neutral brewer in 2020 and, inspired by the positive response, CEO Stuart Irvine was keen to announce the next phase of Lion’s climate strategy.

“Lion is proud to be extending its reliance on renewable electricity as a key component of maintaining Climate Active certified carbon neutral operations,” says Irvine.

Earlier in 2019, Lion spent $2m installing solar panels on the roof of its XXXX Castlemaine Perkins brewery in Milton.

“Lion is now proudly pulling every carbon abatement lever available. Not only have we committed to sourcing all our electricity from renewable sources to lower our emissions, but we are offsetting our remaining organisational footprint to put us in a carbon neutral position.

“We have been on this journey for quite some time, but speed is of the essence in addressing climate change. While we work towards our 2025 renewable electricity target, in the meantime our remaining emissions will be offset through a portfolio of verified projects focusing on bush regeneration and conservation projects that both cut carbon emissions and protect vital habitat and food sources for native wildlife.”

Lion will announce its carbon offset projects through Tasman Environmental Management in early 2020.

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