Set to make a splash in Sydney’s western suburds is Riverside Brewing Company, a small micro-brewery dedicated to brewing pure, natural, hand-crafted beers. Quietly working away for about 12 months, brewer Dave Padden has been brewing his beer free from additives and preservatives, looking to create beers that are full of flavour and that have great aroma. With an aim for quality over quantity, he and Stephen Pan are creating beer that that locals, craft beer aficionados and they themselves would find a pleasure to drink.

Their range both caters for seasoned craft beer-drinkers while also providing approachable styles for the uninitiated and to tempt those that religiously stick to their mainstream brews. So far that includes a Summer Ale, a Pale Ale and their Riverside IPA. There will also be room for two seasonal brews to allow Dave to stretch his creativity and skills a little.

Keep an eye on their blog for a launch date and stockists.

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