Sydney’s Pumphouse beer bar has taken the infamous ‘beer-fairykilling’ brand off the shelf. Restaurant and Bar Supervisor Bronwen Andrews-Baxter says it is in direct response to the liquor giants’ “cheekily inaccurate” advertisements depicting beer as dirty and old fashioned. “We are well past the era of the 6 o’clock swill…so much has changed even in the last 5 years in our industry” says Andrews-Baxter. “Perhaps the mainstream beers have declined in sales lately…but I can assure you that plenty of smaller local and international craft brewers are now expanding…that flies in the face of what the Beer Fairy ads are implying. It might be a symbolic step but we are hoping other beer loving venues follow suit whilst ever these puerile ads are shown”.

Beer & Brewer’s editor also recently took umbrage at the ad in her blog.

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