QHC Major Announcements

The Queensland Homebrewing Conference has two big announcements this week, with tickets going on sale and a major speaker now on board. The speaker, Chris White, President of Whitelabs Yeasts, has agreed to cross the pond and present about yeast. Chris has spoken a number of times in Australia and has always been very well received. Chris has worked with yeasts his entire life, with a PhD in biochemistry and he is a member of the Seibel Institute teaching faculty.

Chris started Whitelabs in 1995 and has seen it grow into one of the major liquid yeast suppliers in the brewing world. With a range of hundreds of pitchable, pure strain yeasts covering beer, wine and distilling, Whitelabs is a major force in the home brewing industry worldwide. Chris is also the author of the authoritative book on yeast in brewing,

Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation.

Other presenters include Brad Rogers (Stone & Wood), Jaron Mitchell (4 Pines Brewery) and a host of other product specialists from Bintani Malts, Hop Products Australia and a bunch of great local home brewers.

The conference will be held in Brisbane on Nov 5 2011 at the Southbank Institute of Technology and will be paired with a 4 course food & beer matching dinner.

All the details of the conference are at the Conference website – www.theqhc.com.au.

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