Pirate Life has announced it will open its fourth venue and first in Melbourne in a former mechanic’s garage by midway through next year.

Located near South Melbourne Market and with South Australian architect and design company Studio Gram on board, Pirate Life co-founder Jack Cameron said the venue will give them a chance to be a part of the city’s thriving hospitality scene.

“With the area boasting some of Melbourne’s – and (Pirate Life’s) – cult-favourite brands, we can’t wait to get amongst it and show locals what Pirate Life is all about,” he said.

Founded in 2014 by Michael Cameron, Jack and Jared Proudfoot before being sold to Carlton & United in late 2017, Pirate Life already has three venues and four breweries in its stable. Its most recent brew on site venue opened in Perth late last year.

Jack added: “As you might expect, there will be plenty of beer up for grabs in the new venue, with fresh kegs shipped directly from (Pirate Life’s) brewery in Port Adelaide. The core range (including pales, IPAs and stouts) will fly the flag, while limited releases will be interchanged regularly to keep punters entertained. Punters can expect fruit sours, barrel-aged imperials, and a cheeky nitro or two”.

Pirate Life said the food offering will elevate the beverage offering, which will also include spirits and wine.

“We envisaged a rotational menu that explores the diversity of our neighbouring local market stalls and seeks inspiration from fresh and local ingredients,” Jack said. “We love cooking over fire, so anticipate charred goodness.”

Pirate Life added that Studio Gram’s design would “stay true to the grungy coolness of the former mechanic workshop, with updated interiors showcasing exposed bricks, polished concrete, artwork and murals, greenery, and bold industrial finishes to bring the space to

They said their “ongoing love and patronage of the arts will be on full display” in the new venue with mural activations and roaming exhibitions alongside the likes of live music and celebrity chef dinners.

Pirate Life said further details about the venue will be released in early 2023.

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