Peroni has launched its latest advertising campaign for the summer season, featuring the usual bevy of Italian beauties.

Located this time at the picturesque Lake Como, the video purports to show how Italians enjoy their summers – we don’t know about you but we’re fairly sure that not every Italian has a private waterplane and a personal dock next to George Clooney’s Bellaggio mansion. But it is a fanciful piece of escapism with the smooth crooning of local Italian superstar Mario Biondi’s My Girl cover setting the scene.

According to Vincent Ruiu, Group Marketing Manager of Global and Craft Beers at CUB, the video is meant to capture the warmth, charm, and beauty of every outdoor moment in Italy’s favourite season (not that it is summer there, with temperatures heading toward the subzero range in the country right now).

“Our film Primavera / Estate captures this unique Italian passion, bringing the La Bella Stagione [the beautiful season] to life,” he says. “The launch of the campaign also follows Peroni’s recent win of Best International Beer at the 2012 Australian Liquor Industry Awards. This win, for the second year running, is evidence of Peroni’s continuing popularity in Australia.”

The film follows the winter ‘snow bunny’ version of the Peroni lifestyle video, and is being launched into a similar space with print ads in prestigious magazines such as Harper’s BAZAAR, men’s style, Vogue, GQ, and the(sydney)magazine and the(melbourne)magazine.

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