8th April 2011

James Squire, one of Australia’s leading craft brewers, has unveiled a vibrant new look for its range of six, well-loved, unique and flavoursome beers.

Each James Squire beer will have a new brand name and illustrative icon, aimed at revealing more about the man himself whilst helping beer lovers more easily identify each beer in the range. Reassuringly for beer lovers, there has been no change to any of the brews.

Ralph Simpson, James Squire Brand Director said, “We’re extremely proud of our James Squire range – it has set the benchmark for Australian craft beers.

However we found that whilst our drinkers remained loyal to James Squire, they often weren’t sure which beer in the range they were drinking. The beer packaging just looked too similar, so we set about creating a new identity for each brew to help them stand out, while at the same time telling more of the history of the man, James Squire, a charming rouge and of course, Australia’s first brewer,” said Ralph.

The new names represent distinct chapters of James Squire’s life. The names include:

  • Stow Away IPA
  • The Jack of Spades Porter
  • The Chancer Golden Ale
  • Nine Tales Amber Ale
  • Sundown Australian Lager
  • Four Wives Pilsener

“We have a large fan base out there that loves James Squire, so we were conscious of remaining true to the original packaging. We think we’ve got the balance right – a touch of the old with a bolder, more distinctive look that’s also fun and engaging,” said Ralph.

Tony Jones, Chief Brewer at the Malt Shovel Brewery and home of James Squire, said whilst the packaging had changed, the beers remained the same.
“It’s important our loyal drinkers know we haven’t changed the brew. Our flavoursome beers are what set us apart – that and the unique history of James Squire and the Malt Shovel Brewery.”

“We know our beers have unique flavours so it’s very fitting that they now have their own unique label,” said Mr Jones. James Squire is one of the country’s leading craft brands. Currently growth in the Craft beer market ranks second only to the Premium segment.”

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