The beer nuts at BrewDog have done it again. Taking their irreverence to a whole new level, the team has released a beer just for the London Olympics. Called Never Mind the Anabolics it takes a swipe at the consumerist culture that has sprung up around the modern games. But who better to explain it than the boys themselves with their customary wit and panache:

“This is Never Mind the Anabolics. A 6.5% ABV India Pale Ale infused with creatine, guarana, ginseng, gingo, maca powder, matcha tea and kola nut.

It is about time the greatest sporting event on the planet was not sponsored by fast food companies, sugary fizzy drinks producers or monolithic multinational brewers. A burger, can of fizzy pop and an industrial lager are not the most ideal preparation for the steeple chase or the dressage (for human or horse).

So we decided to give the athletes something that was going to make them happier and better. A way to relax before a big event and at the same time increase the chances of winning.

This summer, revive the spirit of the people’s Games from the comfort of your favourite bar.

Never Mind the Anabolics takes its lead from the relentless marketing campaigns of global fast food chains and international mass production breweries that replace the sporting spirit with a fast buck, a greasy burger and an ugly plastic cup of insipid, fizzy, yellow lager.

Dedication, training and passion are things of the past; Kick back, put your giant torch down and let our performance enhancing ingredients do the hard work.

It’s not the taking part it’s the winning that counts.”

As usual the brew sheet on each beer contains a twist. For this beer the twist is rather appropriate: “Contains at least 50% of your daily allowance of Sarcasm”.

It’s good to see that a healthy sense of humour is alive and well in brewing.

Get your paws on the beer here:

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