Australian Dark Beer lovers can once again start polishing their cups as Murray’s Craft Brewing Co gets set to once again unleash their portfolio of Stouts, Imperial Stouts and Belgio Stouts for the cold season.

This season will also see a Smoked Belgio Imperial Mussel and Oyster Stout and the brewery’s first Strong Dark Belgian Ale.

Murray’s Dark Beer Month runs across June and July every year and incorporates four dark beer releases, dark beer-inspired dishes at its restaurants and special events at its venues. And this year is set to be wilder than ever according to brewery owner, Murray Howe.

“In addition to the three Imperial Stouts, we thought we’d brew another dark style to show there’s more to Dark Beer Month than Stouts,” he says. “We’ve released a lot of Belgian inspired beers over the years but have never before released a Belgio Strong Dark Ale, so we are very excited. Dark beers are becoming more and more popular in Australia, but the trend naturally becomes more prominent in winter. We’re giving people some great reasons to celebrate these cooler months.”

This year’s four releases include the always popular Wild Thing Imperial Stout, in the bottle and draught, and the classic Heart of Darkness Belgio Imperial Stout, in the bottle and draught. The two additional beers will be Auld Bulgin’ Boysterous Bicep Imperial Stout, in the bottle and draught, and Hell of the North Strong Dark Belgio Ale, which will be draught only.

With Wild Thing available now, the remaining beers will be progressively released throughout June and July.

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