Speigel Online has combed through the official figures from the first week of Munich Oktoberfest and come up with some surprising results:

– The number of Bierleichen ( literally beer corpses, denoting people in an alcohol induced coma) hit 445.

– The
number of litres of beer guzzled rose to 3.6 million, up from 3.4 million last year.
– The number of children lost
and handed over to staff also rose to 93 (from 56 last year.
– 2,600 lost items were handed in,
including a French horn, a hearing aid, two wedding rings, a pair of
suit trousers and two pairs of Lederhosen.

– Glasses were used in 38 assaults, up from 26, but happily the Munich authorities reported no murders or attempted murders. Ah, Oktoberfest, where would we be without you?

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