As well as revamping their website, the Moon Dog boys have been hard at work brewing more of their signature, left of centre brews. Last week saw them release Black Lung II. A new version of the original Black Lung barrel-aged, smoked Stout brewed with peated malt (among others), this new permutation has been part aged in a reportedly “seriously potent” whisky barrel from Great Southern Distillery in WA. The beer was then blended back to “find a balance of whisky, smoke, dark stewed fruits, chocolate and coffee”. The boys describe it as “bigger and bolder than before” as well as “dark, mysterious, uber smooth, rich andluscious – these are adequate descriptors of the brewers”. Don’t miss it.

But that is not all. Beer geeks can start the count down for when the collaboration brew between these innovative Aussies and those crazy Kiwis (The Yeastie Boys) will be released. Created back in May, Peter Piper’s Pickled Pepper Purple Peated Pale Ale (or the 7Ps) will be out very soon, if not already. With the Pale Ale as a base, the lads have added got heavily peated malt (a la Yeastie’s infamous Rex Attitude), chipotles (a Mexican smoked chilli for those not in the know) and blackberry. At which point Josh would like to clarify that it is in fact the fruit they have added, not the phone he dropped in his toilet.

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