Moon dog

Renowned experimental brewery Moon Dog has re-launched its Love Tap Double Lager.

Well known for quirky named and described brews, the Victorian brand has released this latest permutation of its brew to thirsty interstate fans at both The Scratch Bar, Queensland, and The Local Taphouse, NSW, as part of a series of celebratory events.

Distributed by Phoenix Beers, the original brew weighed in at a hefty 7.1% ABV; this has been revised down to a more sessionable 5.9% ABV for a beer with a little less bite, but all the bark of the original.

According to brewer Josh Uljans, this revision was more about responsible drinking than anything, saying in a blog post that the change will “allow it to be responsibly enjoyed whilst still maintaining the
original full flavour” and that “Love Tap will quench your thirst after a hard day’s night, in a
way that no other beer is able to”.

While slightly erratic in the past, the new release of Love Tap has been announced as “[heralding] the beginning of a new core range of brews that will be available year round” according to Phoenix Beers.

That said, the brand is staying true to its roots with their long awaited Black Lung 3 – a barrel-aged Imperial Stout infused with black truffles – being the next brew off the mark. This will be followed by a new Nogne O collaboration – a dark wheat Porter with cherries – and Skunkworks, a barrel aged, Double IPA.

The new Love Tap Double Lager will hit shelves around the country from this week.

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