16 March 2011

Moo Brew Pils is receiving a national tap launch but you’ll need to head to South Australia and The Wheatsheaf Hotel to taste it first.

At last! Moo Brew Pilsner is making its way over Bass Strait in kegs! The Wheaty is (understandably) excited to be hosting the Mainland Tap Launch of Moo Pils – a beer we have long regarded as the best Pilsner in the country.

Moo Pils on Tap: National Launch
Moo Pilsner (5% ABV) is brewed in the Bavarian style and has a crisp, noble hop aroma, delicate malt and honey flavours and a dry, lingering bitterness to finish. Departing from tradition, Moo’s is a single hop Pilsner, using only German Spalt hops for bittering, aroma and flavour characters. As with all Moo brews, their Pils is unpasteurized and shipped (and stored) cold to maintain peak freshness. Moo give Pilsner the respect the style deserves (but sadly so rarely receives); and the result is pure class.

Come join Chief Brewer Owen Johnston & Moo Heavyweight Jon Burridge and let them buy you – The Wheaty’s Moo faithful – a glass of Moo Pilsner!

Keg Tapped from 6pm Mon 21st March – comp keg on for as long as it lasts!

Moo Masterclass: Wheaty exclusive
Chief Moo Brewer Owen Johnston (aka OJ) has very kindly signed up to run a Moo Masterclass Tasting at The Wheaty; a rare opportunity to meet Moo’s maker as he talks beer, brewing and anything else Moo (or not so Moo) related.

Tasting: Moo Pilsner, Moo Hefe, Moo Pale & Moo Dark
Tues 22nd March
6:30 – 8pm
$20 per head

Bookings essential – purchase tickets over the bar or on (08) 8443 4546

Ps OJ has adopted the role of “Guest Programmer” for The Glasshopper over the week the Moo boys are in town – you’ve been warned!

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