The Flying Horse Bar and Brewery in Warrnambool has put its microbrewery on the market.

Details are as follows:

Vessel 1

Hot Water Tank 1200L – steam heat via jackets.
Above is 850 Lauter/Mash Tun with motorised stirrer.

Vessel 2

Kettle 1200L steam jacketed/whirlpool
Ducting for extraction fan Pipe work includes centrifugal pump + 2 plate frame heat exchangers
1) Model T4CH Thermaline inc
2) Model T4CH Thermaline inc

Brewhouse is on a skid

Vessel 3

Cold Water Tank for cooling 1500 litres stainless steel
-Manifold and circulation pump

-Plate and frame exchanger

– Circulation pump for brewhouse

2nd heat exchanger

Vessels 4, 5 & 6

Fermentors all 1200 litres @
304 Stainless Steel Construction & valves for rack & bottom outlets.

Brine jackets to temperature controllers

Bottling tanks Vessels 7, 8 & 9

1200L capacity each
Brine jacketed
Valves rack, bottom & CIP line

1 compressor 270 litres/min air 1 Keg Washer ML-C2

1 NSC digital scales 2-220kg

1 Brine Unit Model HLAU40

1 Simons Boiler – electric & associated pipe work, steam & water taps.

There is also a bottling machine and DE Filter to be thrown in for good measure.

For more information or to express interest contact Matt on (03) 5562 2254

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