25th May 2011

Little Creatures Brewing, one of Australia’s leading craft brewers, is looking for aspiring creatures to join the brewing and packaging team to help make more of the great beer we’re all in it for.

There are a number of new positions available in both brewing and packaging due to capacity expansion. All roles are based in Fremantle, include shift work, and are ideal for someone who is flexible, driven, career focused and keen to be a part of a team of flavour junkies and certified hopheads.

We like to exercise our right to think outside the box and welcome applicants from a range of different backgrounds e.g. science, engineering, manufacturing etc… as long as you’re passionate about craft beer of course.

If this sounds like you or you would like some more information please email jobs@littlecreatures.com.auwith your application and CV or your query.

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