The team at Little Creatures Brewing has been tinkering with a number of things in recent times – not least of which was the brand new Geelong plant in Victoria. But even though they’ve undoubtedly been pretty busy getting that up and running, it hasn’t stopped them from tinkering with the recipe for the Little Creatures Bright Ale.

The major changes to the brew include the removal of Cascade hops from the mix, replacing it with Liberty and Crystal hops, which join Summer and Pacifica on the line-up. The malts have had small shake-up as well, with the team deciding on the addition of wheat to the malt grist to pump up the mouthfeel.

The packaging hasn’t escaped the changes, either – the updated brew now sports an old-school Little Creatures label on the bottles. The Bright Ale is available for consumers in 24x330ml and 12x568ml cartons, and 30L / 50L kegs for trade.

For more details, head to the Little Creatures website.

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