Lion believes their new creation is set to revolutionise the way Australians enjoy a beer at home, with the Tap King device allowing drinkers to indulge in draught beer at home.

According to their own research, 69% of drinking occasions take place at home, making Tap King an opportunity for the brewer to supply draught-style beer somewhere other than the pub.

While the pub industry is not best pleased, Lion says their target audience is “men over the age of 30 who appreciate the taste of draught beer but their busy lives with work and family commitments means they spend more time relaxing at home”. As such, the Tap King draught beer dispenser system means they can pour their favourite Lion brews in the comfort of their own home.

According to Matt Tapper, Marketing Director at Lion, the launch is an exciting milestone.

“It offers more choice for people enjoying our beers at home and supports our commitment to developing and promoting better quality beer experiences for all beer drinkers – a trend which has already been shown by our continued investment in craft beers and mid-strength beer, XXXX GOLD,” he says. “We feel Tap King is a great development for the beer category as a whole. Growing appreciation of beer and the experiences of tasting good beer serves to benefit everyone in the industry from primary producers to industry partners.”

Fitting inside a medium-sized fridge, Lion says that the device is easy to assemble and uses 3.2L recyclable bottles that are also designed for easy storage in most fridges. Each bottle can be enjoyed for up to 21 days after opening.

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