Being Hawaiian, Brewmaster Brennan decided it was about time to create a Hawaiian inspired beer on our Burleigh Pilot Plant, a brew system where our brewers unleash their creativity and produce small batch brews unique in style and flavour.

The new exclusive Limited Release Burleigh P.O.G. is inspired by the famous P.O.G. juice made by Haleakala Dairy, a much loved local juice that Brennan grew up drinking in his Hawaiian childhood. After first creating the brew as a Burleigh Taphouse Exclusive in November for summer 2019, it’s overwhelming popularity with Taphouse customers and our Burleigh team left us with no option other than to brew a full batch of Burleigh P.O.G. an IPA at 7.0% and release it out into the world as a Burleigh Limited Release. Don’t miss out on this beer version of Hawaii’s famous fruit juice combo. Find a venue near you.

*Brewer Sean and Brewmaster Brennan talk about the new Limited Release Burleigh P.O.G

Want to know more about the science of using fruit in beer? Brewmaster Brennan talks more in depth about this process here.

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