Launching on ‘Ardbog Day’ – 1 June 2013 – Ardbeg Islay Single Malt Scotch whisky’s newest limited edition family member is set to have peated whisky fans all in a twist.

According to Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Distillation and Whisky Creation at Ardbeg, the new Ardbog edition is designed to highlight the role of peat bogs in the creation of the famous whisky.

“The overall combination of effects in Ardbog truly conjures up the impression of ancient, primeval, salty peat bogs,” he says. “But, reassuringly, this is combined with some classic, intense Ardbeg notes of leather, toffee and smoke.”
Every year, the distillery throw open its doors and invites fans to visit, and for those that can’t parties are held around the globe.
Usually known as Ardbeg Day, this year the festivities have renamed Ardbog Day and will feature inspiration from traditional Scottish games, but with an archaeological twist.

To register interest in participating, Ardbeg fans are asked to go to the website and register as a committee member – joining over 85,000 members in 130 countries.

Taste Notes
Deep, enticing waves of pecan nuts, salty toffee& caramels combine with fudge, leather and with a distinct whiff of herbs, lavender and violets. The smoke is soft and aromatic, and is interwoven with salty, savoury notes, such as Iberico ham and olives. The addition of water brings forth herbal, perfumed notes, smoked rhubarb, aged balsamic vinegar and some salty, ‘graphite’ notes reminding you of the Manzanilla cask element.
A full, oily/tingly mouthfeel leads into a powerful, salty, savoury burst of flavours including salted cashews and peanuts, clove, aniseed flavoured toffee, green olives and a curious hint of anchovy.
A long, lingering aftertaste, in which the classic Ardbeg sweetness (like a hint of maple syrup) is kept in check by oak tannins, clove and coffee grounds

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