Spark Breweries is seeking a passionate and motivated national sales manager to join their team. A solid remuneration package that includes a performance bonus to share success is on offer for someone with the correct background, attitude and ability to thrive.

The Technical Sales Manager role involves:

  • Deeply understanding the needs of customers
  • Supporting customer journeys towards successful pro brewing by phone and video
  • Demonstrating the value that Spark delivers as national leader and closing sales
  • Use of HubSpot cloud system for CRM and part automation of marketing and sales work
  • Professional written communications
  • Simple spreadsheet and graphic presentation commercial work in support of the company’s marketing and technical functions
  • Group meetings by video multiple times a week, in person monthly
  • Travel to sites around Australia
  • Collaboration with UK and USA sales agents of our equipment

Mandatory requirements of applications:

  • Several years of experience in pro brewing/distilling industries OR homebrewing with a tertiary technical qualification
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Capability on word processing, basic spreadsheet and graphic layout tools
  • 40 hours a week working from home with a closed door office, fast and stable web connection, PC and phone

Please email a simple single page application that lists you education, working experience and a paragraph about why you’d like to work with Spark to

A simple aptitude test will be issued for assessment ahead of interview.

Application will be assessed immediately upon receipt – closing 31 July 2021

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